I discovered my passion for photography in 2006 with my first SLR camera.  I became inseparable from that camera for the next four years, teaching myself the basics of photography along the way.  It wasn’t until after I chose to pursue a career behind the camera that I found direction for my craft.  While earning my degree, I came across a passage that read: “It is also helpful to know whether you are a hunter or a builder.”  Not a very profound statement, but the realization that I am a “hunter” would have a great influence on me as a professional and a person.  A photographer can build a scene or go out in the world and hunt for one.  My true love for photography was found in searching for and capturing the scenes and fleeting moments that tell our stories.

Because of this, I became a freelance photojournalist in the summer of 2012.  Since then, I have worked with western Pennsylvania media outlets like the Butler Eagle and Trib Total Media while also developing my skills as a documentary wedding photographer.  During each wedding day I document the moments and details that portray the unique emotions and personalities of the couple and their loved ones.  I never want to challenge a bride and groom to be professional models.  I want you to just be you, and I will embrace the challenge of capturing that in the photos.  I love my work and I hope you will too!

 Thanks for exploring my site and I hope to hear from you,